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Our play with Eddie McClintock and Geek & Sundry’s Blythe Wiedemann

We had the distinct pleasure of playing Warehouse 13: The Board Game with Eddie McClintock, who plays Pete Lattimer on Syfy’s Warehouse 13, and Blythe Wiedemann from Geek & Sundry.  A huge thanks Eddie and his family for accepting us into his home and sharing the days with us, as well as Blythe for making the hike out there and playing game after game with us.

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Warehouse 13: The Board Game playtesters:

Jim Desaulniers
August Schmitt
Daniel Dorsey
Michael Zautner
Alexander Estes
Raelyn Bangel
Stephen Landis
Chris Himes
Jason Martin
Alok Baikadi
Joe Woodruff
Christopher Peuzenik
Josh Pointer
Torry Worthy
Greg Cherek
Mark Hutchens
Chad Clayton
Seth Staggs
Ashwin Bainadin
Alexi Brooks
Warren Marriton
Bev Findley
Rod Sweet
Malika Gillette
Lynette Jagoda
Shauna McKain-Storey
Courtney Nelson
Mike Flynn
Chad Hall
Mike Hillyer
Jason Stockdale
Captain Studdard
Mark Swenholt
Michelle English
Kymmie Lucas
Matt Casey
Mark LaBrayere
Scout Anglin
Caitlin Woodward
Shawna Flener
Mike Lucas
Angie Hamill
Juliana Davila
Chad Witemeyer
Marcus Holmes
Chris Hamby
Kyle Thompson
Michelle Thompson
Stephen Chapman
George Monnat, Jr.
Terry Taylor
Johnny Gorza
Brian Freyling
Dan Clark
Alva Hardison
Mark Welty
Daniel McCrary
Crystal McCrary
James Perry
Bob Trezise
Cristen Clark
Joe Clark
Lee Jones
Alex Trautman
Rachel Trautman
Jeff Kyle
Rayla Winkler
Dylan Wolf
Daniel Scott
Cain Myers
Boomer Barr
Andy Harper
Jeremy Wyatt
Jessica Blow
If we accidentally left you off, please let us know.