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What we are all about!

About Infinite Dreams Gaming

Infinite Dreams Gaming was established in 1994 as a retailer of tabletop games. The company’s founders, M. Shawn Smith, II, and Michael Aldridge, were pioneers in the collectible-card game (CCG) market, being among the first in the industry to perform the valuation and pricing of individual cards for Magic: The Gathering. Almost 20 years later, Shawn and Michael have leveraged their love of tabletop gaming and their knowledge of the retail tabletop gaming industry to bring Warehouse 13: The Board Game to market.

About Conquest Gaming

Conquest Gaming was established in 2000 by a trio of gamers who sought to blend aspects of their favorite games into their own game designs. In 2008, after nearly a decade of offering map-and-rules type games, Conquest Gaming embarked on creating their first fully published board game, Warlords of Europe, which was a finalist for the 2010 Origins Award for Best Historical Board Game. The success of Warlords of Europe enabled Conquest Gaming to publish Stelcon: Infinity in 2013. Conquest Gaming is a member of the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

Michael & Shawn (Infinite Dreams Gaming) with the cast of Warehouse 13.


A combined 40 years of experience in the gaming industry!


Years of experience as a retailer of board games!


Conquest Gaming published a game that was a finalist for the 2010 Origins Award for Best Historical Board Game.


They run the Nashville Area Gamers group with over 300 members & Tennessee Game Days, an annual board game convention in TN, averaging over 600 attendees.